Our Projects



Palapye bus rank had opened business opportunities to Palapye business community. Both Palapye Administrative Authority and the community at large would benefit.

The bus rank comprises of two sets of waiting areas, six offices, two shower rooms, one toilet for disabled, forty market stalls (20 wet which are for food and 20 dry which are for clothes), bus and taxi parking areas, drainage works, luggage rooms, commercial hall, backup generator and water catchment tank.

Business opportunities would be realised from market stalls that have been installed with separate water and electricity meters, advertising space, outsourced toilets and private parking.

During the implementation of the project, local businesses benefited from the project as per the local empowerment policy an approximate amount of P12, 500, 000.00 was spent on goods and services being; Makoro bricks, building material, gravel, sand, electricity, cement, spares, stationery, rentals, hotel accommodation and refreshments.

Moreover, the old bus rank would be turned into a shopping complex as a new mall has to be built there. This also creates business and job opportunities for Palapye residents and people in surrounding areas.