Service Description

  1. No. of permits issued within 1 day

  1. Noise & Nuisance Permits

  2. Advertisement Permits

How do I apply/acquire the service?

A written application is made and submitted to the Records office who then registers, file and forward the application to the Byelaw office. The application is assessed and, if it is approved the applicant pays P10.00 as application fee and, P40.00 for the permit (Noise & Nuisance Permits). For Advertisement Permits, the applicant is charged a P50.00 for every 50 copies of banners/posters. We only do temporary adverts that last for 7 days.

  1. Kgotla meetings addressed quarterly

The Division is mandated to issue public education to the community. Therefore every quarter we are supposed to conduct at least three meetings.

  1. No. of reports/complaints attended within 24 hours

Any aggrieved member of the community can lodge a complaint relevant to the office or, report any wrongdoing that they see happening in the community.

  1. No. of cases recorded monthly

The Office records and takes appropriate action on acts of wrongdoing concerning businesses and the community at large. Such action includes imposition of fines which upon admission of guilt the offender has to pay within 7 days at the Council revenue.

  1. Security monitoring

  1. No. of security posts inspected monthly

  2. Private Security paid monthly

The Office supervises and monitors private security companies engaged to safeguard Council property and, ensures their monthly payments.

List of council byelaws/delegated legislation

Trade Act

Liquor Act

Public Health Act

Waste Management Act

Industrial development Act

Livestock and Meat Industries Act

Food Control Act

Hawking & Street Vending Byelaws

Noise & Nuisance Byelaws

Barbers & Braiders Byelaws

Livestock Control Byelaws

Traditional Beer Regulations

Day Care Centre Byelaws

Cemetery Byelaws

Public Sewer Byelaws

Dogs Byelaws

Abattoir Byelaws

Scrap Metal & Scrapyard Control Byelaws

Market Stalls Byelaws