1. Service Description:

Maintenance of council infrastructure and monitoring of on-going electrical development projects.

  1. What is the area coverage of street light/traffic lights:

682 street lights and 66 traffic lights

  1. Any service standards available:

Available Electrical division standards are as follows:

  • Attendance to traffic and street lights malfunctions within 24 hours after receipt of report.

  • Maintenance reports timely attended 7 days from date of receipt of report

  • Response to power cuts and emergencies within 24hrs of receipt of report

  1. How do you report for electrical maintenance?

By visiting electrical office and fill in the application foam for repairs & maintenance or through the phone call number 4921092 ext no. 806,856 and 857

  1. Where can I get the service?

Palapye Administrative Authority - Electrical office No. E8, E9 and E10