What MCM stands for?

Morupule Coal Mine (MCM) started production in 1973 as an Anglo American Corporation subsidiary and in 2000 Debswana acquired 100% stake in MCM. MCM is thus a 100% Debswana coal mining operation.


Our Vision

To be a leading coal energy business.


Our Mission

We mine coal and deliver energy for the benefit of our stakeholders in a sustainable manner.


Our Values

Safety, Passion, Caring, Excellence, Working together and Growth.


Our type of coal

There are generally three types of coal in the world, being lignite, bituminous and anthracite. The Morupule coalfield contains good quality low sulphur and low phosphorus bituminous coal.


Mining Method

We mine our coal from underground and we ferry it to the crushing and screening plant on surface using a conveyor belt. At this plant, we crush and screen it to different sizes for the needs of our various customers. Some of it goes to the adjacent coal washing plant to be washed. Washed coal gives more energy per mass and has less pollutants. Products from the wash plant include cobbles, nuts, peas and fines.


Our customers

Our major customers are the adjacent Morupule Power Station, BCL mine in Selibe Phikwe, Botswana Ash, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited, Makoro Brick and Tile, Botswana Meat Commission and hospitals. We also export our coal within the sub-region (Southern Africa) and internationally. We are vigorously looking at markets in the Far East including China, India and Japan.


Some uses of our coal

Our coal has many uses; it can be used in thermal power stations to generate electricity, in ferro-alloy industries as a reducing agent and in any application requiring heat boilers such as steam.


Our people

MCM has a diverse skilled and competent team of employees dedicated to sustaining and growing the business. This team includes both men and women.


MCM and the environment

MCM is an ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 55001 certified company. We also run a game park in which we conserve various species of wild animals.


Stakeholder engagement: - MCM operates in harmony with the surrounding communities. This harmonious relationship is mainly due to our unfading commitment to therisanyo (stakeholder engagement.) Part of the land in our lease area is being used by local farmers.


MCM and safety

At MCM, safety is priority number one. We have a comprehensive safety programme which ensures employees are vigilant at all times. Our motto is ‘Zero Harm’. We also conduct regular SHE INSPECTIONS. All our new employees are given safety induction as do all employees returning from leave for more than 14 days.



As MCM, we value our people, not only our employees, but people within whose environment we mine our coal. For that reason, we have established ways of assisting our people in many ways such as by, donation of houses to the needy, donation of funds and other implements to schools, charity organizations, orphanages and many others.