Palapye Administrative Authority Staff during BOT50 commemoration Photo: Boitshepo Kedikilwe

Palapye Administrative Authority has not been left behind as it scheduled a special day to celebrate BOT50 on the 23rd of September 2016 as the country countdown to its 50th independence regarded as the golden jubilee.

Giving welcome remarks on behalf of Senior Assistant Council Secretary; Principal Human Resource officer Mr Trevor Tebogo Mongala noted that the wellness committee found it very important that PAA also celebrates towards the countdown of the 50th independence.

“Remember the roots of PAA when celebrating on this special day. PAA started as Serowe/Palapye and the Government decided to make Palapye a Sub- District so that developments can be spread well”
He noted that officers should be proud that they have played a part in developing the lives of Batswana.

He also encouraged them to continue to be productive throughout the year and in the upcoming years.

Giving a keynote address Mr BOT50 Central Mr Gibson Kay Khiwa noted that Botswana took its independence without any form of violence.

He noted that three chiefs fought for the independence and by that time it was not peaceful as it is today
“In 1980 European countries came to Botswana. Cecil John Rhodes who was among those decided to make a rail way line with the intention to take every land that the line passes through. He ensured that Batswana sign agreement forms to give him his land by drugging them with beer first. The land was then divided into two being Bechuanaland Protectorate and Crown of the British” he said.

 Moreover, Khiwa noted that in 1860 Khama became a Christian and he understood how to read and write and he talked with other chiefs so that they could go and ask for independence and in 1895 they went to mmamosadiyana to ask for independence and Botswana became independent in 1966.

For her part, a representative from Balekane ba Botswana Ms Letsema Rapelang said as Balekane ba Botswana they feel very special and they are very happy for BOT50 commemoration.

She noted that when they look back they have travelled a long journey and they are happy about that.

She noted that she shares her birthday with the first president of Botswana and also with Botswana itself and that makes her very proud.

“Let’s all thank god for we leave in a peaceful country unlike in other countries where people are killed on a daily basis. I wish we could be saved until we reach 100years and celebrate the years with our country again” she added.

Giving vote of thanks, wellness committee chairperson Mr Desmond Bakgobi noted that he thank the leadership of the council for making it successful for the committee for making preparations for the day.

He thanked Mr Central for informing the audience about the history of Botswana, he also thanked Balekane Ba Botswana for being there on the special day, all HOD’s for ensuring that their departments did preparations for activities of the day as they were required and he thanked all those who attended and took part on the activities of the day.